Magic Corner Comfort Pull-Out Kitchen Cabinet Storage

The versatile modern base unit pull-out for kitchen cabinet storage and cleaning cupboards.
Magic Corner Comfort Assembly                       
Magic Corner Comfort Specification                  
Magic Corner Comfort Specification 2                                                      
Magic Corner Shelf Instructions
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    Corner Kitchen Cabinet Storage

    We understand managing corner kitchen cabinet storage in your 'L' or 'U' shaped kitchen can be challenging. Corners can provide storage, but it is not always accessible to keep or take out kitchenware. Not to worry, at Nover, we help you manage corner kitchen cabinet storage by adding our magnetic shelf divider, magic corner comfort anthracite, or magic corner clip-on shelves.

    Corner Kitchen Cupboard

    A corner kitchen cupboard is a uniquely designed cupboard to utilize the kitchen space available in the corner. Having a cabinet in the corner gives extra space, but it's hard to navigate. Nover offers a solution to make navigation easy with products like magnetic shelf divider anthracite, magic corner non-slip mat, and more.