Water Filters

WFA HiFlow inline water filter system

New technology sediment and carbon filtration provides superior chlorine, bad taste, odour, cyst and particulate reduction. Inhibits limescale build-up in water-using appliances.

Certified to remove / reduce contaminants including:
  • sediment
  • cysts
  • Giardia
  • Cryptosporidium
  • Chlorine
  • bad taste and odours. 
This filter does not remove
  • fluoride and healthy natural minerals and salts.
Incorporates proprietary filter head technology whilst still warranted to fit and compatible with all existing HiFlow installations.

  • Capacity: 56,700 litres
  • Service life / change cartridge: 12 months*
  • Working pressure: 10 - 175psi (70 - 1200 kPa)
  • Temperature: 2 - 38°C
  • Height to allow for cartridge change: 460mm
  • Width of filter head / cartridge: 225mm
  • Flow rate: up to 8 litres per minute
  • Micron rating: 1 micron cyst rated
  • Burst pressure: exceeds 3,500 kPa as tested by CSIRO
  • Warranty: 10 years
*Service life will vary according to flow rate, influent line pressure and local water conditions.

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