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Buy from our range of high-quality sinks in Australia. We stock a range of premium kitchen sinks including stainless steel sinks, undermount sinks and other sink mixers.

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    Extensive Range of High-quality Kitchen Sinks in Australia

    Bowl-shaped plumbing fixtures used for washing dishes and hands are kitchen sinks. It is necessary to have a perfect sink that complements the kitchen theme. Whether traditional sinks or modern sinks, we have a range of kitchen sinks available in different sizes. A sink that sits below the surface of the benchtop is an undermount sink. It is the most popular sink in recent years. This sink is ideal for benchtops made with stone or marble and provides a clean design to the benchtop.

    We have an extensive range of quality kitchen sinks and mixers to suit all budgets.  Our range includes Platinum, Platinum Quartz, Abey, Abey Schock, Abey Piazza, Abey Alfresco, Montego, Lago, Chambord Butler, Abey Clotaire, Bar Sinks, Laundry Sinks, Armando Vicario Mixers, Gareth Ashton mixers, provincial mixers, Platinum mixers and basin mixers.

    A guide for consideration when buying a sink: 


    When considering the best sink material for your kitchen, think about the following factors. Aesthetics, budget, durability and ease of cleaning.
    Stainless steel materials, closely followed by fireclay are most commonly used for their affordability and size variety, however, more recently quartz and composite Nanogranite materials are being used as they offer exceptional strength, durability, and stain resistance, modern finish and antibacterial properties.

    Installation type

    The type of sink installation you choose will affect other elements in your kitchen, such as the surrounding countertop and cabinetry. You will need to consider the space available and the size of the sink. Installation options include under-mount, top-mount/Inset or Flush-mount.  Each type has its pros and cons. A drop-in sink is the most budget-friendly because it’s the easiest to install and it can be installed on lower-cost laminate countertops.  Under-mount is mid-range in price and integrated sinks are at the top range as they are generally made from the same material as the benchtop & fabricated to appear seamless.  See Fenix integrated sinks -

    Configuration & Available Space

    Another important consideration is how many bowls you need. If you have a large household and mostly wash dishes by hand, you will most likely need a double bowl sink.  This, however, requires a larger surface space and may have a higher plumbing cost.  If space is an issue, a larger single bowl with a drainer option may be the preferred option.

    Kitchen Colour/Style  

    Depending on your kitchen design, you may want to choose a sink that suits the rest of the kitchen.  If you have a more traditional, Hamptons or farmhouse style the deeper butler sinks, Ceramic sink and provincial mixers might be considered, however for a more modern kitchen a sleek finish, black or white quartz sink might be the preferred choice.

    Size & Bowl depth 

    Most sinks used to be as shallow as 6 inches or less. The average today is 8 to 10 inches, and they can go as deep as 12 inches.  A shallow bowl depth is the most comfortable for people who are 155cm or shorter, those who are very tall or for accessible use in an NDIS build.  Shallow sinks also take up less space in the sink cabinet below them. Not only does this free up storage space, it also makes it easier to install and access the garbage disposal and the plumbing fittings. Shallow sinks also tend to cost a bit less than deeper versions. A sink depth of at least 10 inches will give you the room you need to wash larger dishes without splashing water all over the floor and surrounding countertops.  A deep sink is best for those who tend to use their dishwasher to clean most dishes but have large items they need to wash by hand.  Most importantly, consider your countertop and internal cabinet space before choosing your sink size and bowl depth.

    Location & Drainage

    Think about where your sink will be positioned in the kitchen and if there will be direct sunlight, a splashback or if it is installed on an island bench or near the dishwasher. These factors may also help determine the type of sink you choose.