Silica Free Solid Surface Benchtops

With the look and feel of real quartz stone, Evostone solid surface benchtop is a unique, innovative, and versatile solid surface that can transform any kitchen, bathroom, and laundry with a range of warm, beautiful colours.

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  • Silica FREE
  • Waterproof: Harmful germs and bacteria cannot penetrate the non-porous (chipboard-free) construction.
  • Value: The beauty of natural stone without the added cost, Evostone slabs come pre-finished & install ready in sizes designed for optimum usage. Evostone can easily be cut or trimmed with no expensive machinery required making it suitable for all cabinetmakers or DIY without the need for external contractors.
  • Durable: Colour all the way through the 20mm thick pre-finished slabs allowing for scratches or marks to be easily polished and removed. 
  • Warranty: 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Sheet Size & Slab Weight: Evostone comes pre-polished in a range of sizes below to provide unrivaled value:
    3600 x 610 x 20 / Weight: 85kg
    3050 x 900 x 20 / Weight 105kg
    1000 x 900 x 20 / Weight 34kg
    1795 x 610 x 20 / Weight 42kg
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    100% Silica Free Acrylic Benchtop

    Silica-free acrylic benchtops are made from acrylic or acrylic composite. These benchtops offer the look of stone or marble with a lot of design flexibility, like creating waterfall ends and curves. These benchtops are easy to install because they are pre-fabricated.

    Advantages of using Evostone acrylic benchtops

    They are non-porous, which means these acrylic benchtops are safe for food and are rated excellent for hygiene.
    They are easy to clean, waterproof, and reasonably stain-resistant.

    Resin Benchtop

    Resin benchtops are strong and have a stunning appearance widely used in kitchen and bath countertops. These benchtops are non-porous and easy to clean. You will be satisfied with our resin benchtops because of their durability.

    Solid Surface Benchtop

    Solid surface benchtops consist of mineral dust, like marble mixed with plastic resins and pigments. These benchtops are perfect mid-range countertop material. They are nearly non-porous, durable, and resistant to fading.